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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>. >> morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a first quick look at the whether with jeff martinez, who is in this morning for lisa argen. >> good morning. temperatures will be a little cooler than what we had yesterday. a nice shot looking outside." our live doppler 7 is quiet right now. yesterday morning we were talking about a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. all of that has since pushed off to the north. we are not expecting any precipitation but that's where we have the fog bank along the coast and that's what we will see today. temperatures in the 50s. a little cool, especially in the city. chilly out there. 53 degrees. look at santa rosa, 46. 56 out in antioch. coming up in a few minutes, i'll
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have your sunday forecast and see what you can expect weather-wise. >> thank you, jeff. two twelve-year-old boys are counting their blessings this morning after being rescued yesterday afternoon from a sinking row boat in san francisco bay off candlestick point. an extraordinary act of bravery by a heroic swimmer kept them from drowning. abc7 news reporter john alston has their harrowing story. >> i'm lucky to be here now. i thought in the bottom of the ocean. >> that's jack with his buddy, christian, talking about their terrifying afternoon sitting in this eight foot row boat that was adrift and taking on water on san francisco bay. two twelve-year-olds wondering if they would survive. >> me and jack were bawling and bawling and crying and weeping and we were lake, we're never going to get back. >> they might not have gotten back if not for nick, who stripped-down to his underwear, jumped into the 505-degree water and swam nearly a mile with the
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row boat sinking he grabbed the boys by their life jackets, told them to lay on their backs and kicked while he hauled them to the closest peer. >> it was a pretty gnarly situation. they were freaked out and for the 200-meter swim i was freaked out to because there was no boat and i was holding two jackets with one hand and doing the side stroke up to the pier, but we made it happen. >> they were all at candlestick point recreation area near the stadium for a 50th birthday party they got in the boat to get a football that went in the water. but it was windy and the boat acted like a sail. >> we are probably not going to get it back so we were trying to paddle it to the shore and they were yelling at us. >> two other unidentified men stripped-down and jumped into the water and had to be rescued, but it was nick, a lifeguard for 15 years, who was able to reach the boy. >> that was just the thing to
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do, yeah. not sure i would call myself a hero. >> he is a hero. me and my friend would have died and not been able to get back without him. >> san francisco fire department also took part in the rescue. there was some mild hypothermia but the two friends are fine. they are set to start school on monday. they say they will be ready when the teacher asks them what did you do this summer. in south san francisco, john always stan, abc7 news. an 81-year-old man has been connected in connection with a road rage incident that sent a cyclist to the hospital. it happened last wednesday on highway 12 near the oakmont gulf course. the bicyclist said the driver yelled at him and followed him on to a path on the golf course and hit him. >> he could have chosen to run right over me. i was scared for my life.
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>> he had a titanium plate placed in his broken wrist. harry smith was arrested after police got a tip from a female cyclist who suffered a similar incident last year after an elderly driver yelled at her near the golf course. she took a picture of the license plate. smith used that information, who was identified out of a lineup yesterday. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon >> this morning police in cap toll law are asking your help to find a missing 75-year-old man. richard carter was last seen friday morning at his home near capitola avenue. they said smith, who was discharged from the hospital earlier in the week, may be a business disoriented from heart medications he was taking. if you see i am, call 911 for the police. san francisco police say two suspected gang members are in custody on suspicion of shooting at a 18-year-old in broad daylight. just before 4:00 yesterday
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afternoon authorities say one of the suspects shot the teenager on the corner of third street and gillman avenue. the victim then tried to board a muni bus. witness testimony led police to a nearby house where the suspects were arrested. a large amount of weapons were discovered. the victim is expected to recover. in san jose police are looking for suspects in what they believe is a gang-related shooting that sent a 15-year-old skateboarder to the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon just before 3:00. the teenage are was shot in the leg, is hospitalized, but is expected to be okay. in world news this morning nato said three international service members have been killed and a bomb attack in eastern afghanistan. now officials have not released details about their nationalities or said much about the become itself. most of the troops in eastern afghanistan are american, but there are also service members in that region from other countries. a marine from lossal toes
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hills who was killed in afghanistan was honored yesterday. more than 1800 people paid tribute to 12-year-old matthew. he was killed while conducting combat mission. >> this is a memorial to pay tribute to the 29-year-old many described as a strong leader. >> commit to what you believe in and stick to it. that's what de. >> among those there were marines from camp pendleton in san diego and north carolina. they were friends he served with during his four tours of duty, two in iraq and two in afghanistan. >> the head of the high school estimated more than 1800 people turned out for the service. this memorial for captain matt stretched on for more than three hours. >> i think just the length of this serviced to demonstrates how many people wanted to talk
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about captain matthew patrick mekuikian. >> it included funny moments also and moments of a mischievous student. >> was he ever in the dean's office? yes, he was. he was not the perfect student but it adds to his personality. >> he was killed along with two other marines on august 10th. his father, santa clara county judge, said they were gunned down by a man wearing an afghan security force uniform, someone they thought was an ally. under the circumstances family and friends didn't waiver from his mission in afghanistan. >> i'm curious what you thought when you heard of the circumstances of his death? >> i wasn't surprised at all. we knew exactly what he was committed to. >> he died in service to his country and in an effort to help the people of afghanistan. in mountain view, abc7 news. there are now orders for service personnel to carry
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loaded weapons at all times in afghanistan. yesterday defense secretary leon panetta spoke by phone with the afghan president karzai. panetta talked about his concern over the rising number of insiding attacks on us and coalition troops. already this year the deaths by afghan forces number 39. that includes an attack friday by an afghan officer that killed two u.s. servicemen. new this men member of occupy the farm plan to return to that plot of land owned by u.c. berkeley in albany. the occupy farmers say they want to harvest their tomatoes, pull weeds and water the soil starting at gil tract. they planted crops and lived at the site for three weeks last spring before the university brought in police and forced them to leave. but three times this summer they have cut location and returned without the university's cooperation to harvest crops.
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two weeks ago they gave away food at albany and the bart station. so far the university has not tried to prevent the harvest. coming up next, ecuador's president exa plains why he granted asylum to wick i -- wicki leaks person, assan. >> and how this woman3q
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another one killed by lime scale.
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how can the dishwasher do its job ? adding finish power up to your detergent brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. >> ecuador's president explained why he granted asylum to
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wikileaks founder julian assange. assange, an australian, took shelterner the ecuadorian embassy back on june 19th to avoid exextradition from the uk to sweden where he's wanted for questioning in a sex crime. the british have been trying to re-establish talks with ecuador to smooth things over. ecuadorian president rafael coria said the decision was made to protect human rights and said ecuador will not give in to threats. this morning the faa is investigating an emergency landing in new jersey by a united airlines jet after passengers saw flames coming from one of the engines. the jet is highlighted in this video. the fbi says a tire on the plane blue apart last night during takeoff and debris flew into the engine. united calls it a mechanical engine. the flight was headed to germany. none of the 173 people on board were hurt.
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with the political conventions just around the corner we will likely see another week of bitter campaigning in the presidential race. there's no reason to think the vicious insults and nasty campaign ads will stop anytime soon. this morning on this week obama campaign advisor squares off with romney campaign advisor in a lively debate. don't miss "this ""with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. new this morning, 62 year old endurance swimmer, diana niad is trying again right now to make the swim from cuba to florida in shark infested waters. here you see her during a previous attempt. her team reports she's been stung four times by jellyfish but continues to press on with her quest to become the first to make that 103-mile crossing without a wet suit or a shark cage. at last word she had logged more than 10 hours in the water. she abandoned two previous
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attempts last summer of a suffering an as ma attack the first time and numerous jellyfish stings the second time around. pride events will take center stage again today in downtown san jose. ♪ yesterday a walk around got a bird's-eye view of all the discovery near the tech museum. it marks the 37th annual pride weekend for the community. this year's theme is equality for everyone. it runs today from 11 to 7. and jeff martin necessary is in for lisa argen. the weather should be nice for that? >> yeah, it should be nice. a little cooler than we had yesterday. a few clouds out there this morning, but overall a press nice sunday shaping up in most areas. taking a look outside, you notice the fog off in the distance. it really is quite dense out toward the coast and even into the city some of that fog
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rolling on in. temperatures in the 50s out there right now. it is cool. you will need the jacket if you are headed to the city today walking around. coming in a few minutes i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast showing a cooling trend, carolyn. >> thank you. also next, a couple scarce for the 49ers in their preseason game against huston. mike shumann has the latest on injuries to two running backs, andrew jacobs and michael this is the plan for back to school.
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get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99. >> a massive wildfire and heavy smoke have forced people to evacuate in idaho. yesterday people passed up in the town of featherville, about 105 miles northeast of boise. that town and the community of pine remain in the path of a fire that's burned 130 square miles since it broke out two weeks ago. new military technology is helping fight wildfires in san diego. infrared cameras mounted on spotting planes can pinpoint exactly where crews should attack the flames. eventually this software will provide commanders with a realtime picture of the fire. the system will even show them the location of the firefighters and the engines. all this dry weather is bad for firefighters but apparently it's great news for vintners.
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grapes love the aired climate. they like water to get started but after that the dryer the better. >> it's been dry for the most part. haven't had the typical long periods. rain that we would expect to see here and there. july was very dry. >> overall the grapes are really happy and we are looking forward to with a will hopefully be a really good harvest this year. less rain means smaller grapes but more concentrated sugar. even an extended drought is okay with between lovers because even though it results in less quantity, the quality goes through the roof. i thought i saw a few raindrops earlier yesterday morning. >> yeah, there was some light showers and even this morning there's mist because we have a lot of fog in the area. kind of a foggy start to your sunday. the afternoon is looking pretty good. sun will come out and it will look great by this afternoon. we will start out with cloudy and foggy conditions as we take
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a live look out there. hope you are getting a good start to your day bright and early, 5:20 the time. take a look at the roof cam at the ferry plaza. so nice to walk there and check out the venders. to today is looking pretty good. the live departmentler 7 in high definition, quiet this morning. yesterday we had numerous scattered showers and even thunderstorms. all of that activity has sense pushed off to the east and things looking pretty good. the marine layer about 1,000 feet or so. so expect cloudy conditions around the coastal areas throughout much of the morning hours. temperatures cooler than what we had yesterday. only in the 50s right now. san francisco 53 degrees. it will be cooler today from what we had yesterday." 66 antioch. las got toes at 66 as well. fog and clouds throughout the morning hours. cooler today and sun by the afternoon. that cooling trend continues as we head into the week ahead.
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look out for that. much deserved cooling trend after the hot conditions we've been dealing with the past couple weeks. well, that area of low pressure that brought us the precipitation mainly across the central part of california into the sierra is starting to shift to the north and to the east. so a drying trend expected the next few days as high pressure will start to build from the south. our accuweather computer model shows just that. we will put this into motion. still a chance for thunderstorms out across the sierra early. most of the activity starting to diminish. notice the clouds and fog along the coast as that marine layer kind of stays entrenched for the next couple of days. morning clouds, temperatures cool out there. temperatures in the 50s throughout the morning. we will see partly sunny conditions by this afternoon, topping out 60 in the city and upper 80s further inland in some of the warmer areas. 9 in santa clara, 82 campbell and 80 degrees in san jose. foggy conditions from pacifica down through half moon bay. temperatures in the 60s in the city.
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definitely need that coat, light jacket this morning if you are headed out. 70 by this afternoon south of san francisco. looking at 92 in santa rosa. 81 in sonoma, and a big err festival going on, airshow in santa rosasa. check that out. it should be lots of fun. 75 in union city. 77 fremont and 71 degrees in hayward. hot conditions you could say, warm conditions, and pittsburgh and antioch 91 degrees. but certainly no 100s so that's good news. 64 in monterey, 64 in carmel, as well. your accuweather seven-day forecast showing the cooling trend the next few days, carolyn, into next week temperatures into the upper 80s inland and 70s around the bay. looking pretty good. america's cup i think starts thissing week so it should be pretty good weather for that. we will get the afternoon winds picking up for the sailing conditions. so it should be fun to watch. i'm looking forward to that. >> thank you, jeff. this morning something else to look forward to watching,
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petaluma's little league all-stars play their second game in the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. as they did during thursday's win, local fans will gather at the boulevard 14sen mas to -- cinemas to watch the game. boosters have raised $07,000 for the players to attend. you can watch the little league team against goodlet'sville," tennessee this morning at 11:00 right here on ab. c 7. it appears the 49ers have averted a disaster after two running banks were carted off the field during the preseason game against huston, texas. meek shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> coaches and players alike have always lamented there are too many preseason games, putting players in harm's way before the season against. last night it came true as the
5:24 am
49ers lost two running backs. the first round they went for 14 yards. as expected he didn't see much action, only two carries. free agent acquisition brandon jacobs looked great. late in the quarter his left leg was hurt. it isn't serious but he will miss time. he was carted off. randy moss make his first preseason appearance, 3 possessions, 24 yards. getting his feet wet after a year off. a few lapses in the fourth quarter. finds the seam down the sideline and he's gone for an 87-yard touchdown. luckily this is only preseason. that put the texans up 20-9. unfortunately the game wasn't over. michael james rolls his ankle, they said he's expected back at practice on monday. 49ers lose, falling to 1-1 in preseason game. after lousing their first game without melky cabrera, they
5:25 am
righted the ship. it was the joaquin arias show. gone. and then chase headley knocks out a three-run shot. 4-1, padres. giants tie it in the fifth with two sac flies and fielders choice. bust we're the go-ahead run. 5-4. in the seventh knocks in the third rbi of the day. sandoval scores from second. giants win 8-7. giants remain half a game ahead in the national league west. members of the 2002 money ball team were celebrating the ten year anniversary of their 20 game streak yesterday. 2-0 a's. next batter, cespedes. a line drive shot just gets over th wall. his 16th of the year.
5:26 am
3-rbi day. a's you have 4-0. colon, pitched great. then in the seventh 5-1 a's. cespedes drives hem two more with a single. the smoking cuban finished with 3 rbi. two homers in the ninth but the a's still win it, 8-5. golf, the cherry hill golf course in colorado. cal has two players in the semis. could we have an all-cal bear final? the parties on the front to take the huge lead. the birdie to win it. michael we've wins 3-2. and brandon hag guy didn't fair as well against fox. he needed this putt on 18 to keep the match going. and he was not even close. fox and we've will play today. 36 holes. the u.s. amateur title. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, construction workers rush to complete renovations on memorial stadium with less than two weeks before cal's home
5:27 am
opener. and it's an invasion like something out of an alien movie as millions of aggressive mosquitoes move in on a
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>> welcome back, everyone. in the east bay construction crews working on all the upgrades in the earthquake retrofit project that u.c.
5:30 am
berkeley's memorial stadium are racing to meet a deadline. cal's first game is less than two weeks away. abc news reporter nick smith has your details. >> reporter: a long time in coming. i hope the seats don't rumble too much during the earthquakes. >> lee robinson is talking about the up grated football stadium. construction crews are in a mad dash to complete the finishing touches before their first game on september 1st when the bears take on the nevada wolf pack. and to make sure the seats don't rumble too much during earthquakes, engineers built in several solutions to safeguard against seismic activity. >> there are piece that is straddle the hay wood falls at the south and north and those are designed to move independently. >> the 89-year-old stadium will cost for $320 million to up grade. premium club seats can start at $40,000 and up. they have sold about 70% of those seats and to make up the
5:31 am
shortfall they have targeted a sales team to target alumni. >> now you tell me. i thought i paid too much at 25 grand. >> university officials insist that the hefty bill will not fall on the backs of students but rather it will come from a come ination of selling the rights to premium seating, philanthropy and numbers from final events. final numbers set to be released in november. this mom is happy to have games back on campus. >> i'm excited. last year she had to ride bart into all the games. >> the stadium is newer but smaller. there are 8,000 fewer seats but it should make for a better experience. >> we have massive circulation improvements, beverage, sound and lights and scoreboards. >> improvements aren't only for the fans. the cal bears will get new lockers, showers and play on a new turf system. >> there are still tickets available for game day. you can grab a seat in the south end zone for less than 20 bucks. in berkeley, nick smith, abc7
5:32 am
news. new this morning, there will be fewer students at san francisco's public high schools when school begins tomorrow. the san francisco unified school district has about 500 fewer ninth graders compared to the 4600 that enrolled last year. so the district will receive less money from the state. today san francisco chronicle reports enrollment is up for kindergarten and sixth grade but ninth grade is down. it represents 2010 census going showing more families with young children but a decline among the school age children. bad weather grounded airplanes yesterday on the front lines of the battle against west nile disease in the dallas area. mosquitoes carry the deadly virus. the ground and aerial spraying of insecticides come after ten people have died so far this summer in dallas. crews went door to door, zeroing in on neglected swimming pools.
5:33 am
a drought has been in part of texas but mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to breed. >> in drought years people tend to collect water and then you have perfect condition for mosquitoes. >> so far west nile has affected millions of americans and killing ten in dallas. young children, elderly and people with compromised immune system face the biggest risk of coming down with west nile. a bay area bird has tested positive for west nile. the bird with as found dead thursday. it is the first bird in almeda county to test positive for the virus this year. in palo alto, so-called marsh mosquitoes are making a comeback and they are feasting on humans. they have invaded a five mile radius around the bay land's nature preserve in palo alto.
5:34 am
lisa has the details. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: in parts of palo alto it's not hard to find people complaining about the same thing. >> i noticed a huge increase in mosquitoes in my house, outside basically everywhere. >> millions in of salt marsh mosquitoes are invading a five mile radius centered around the palo alto flood basin. this specific mosquitoes has been dormant for more than 20 years but a broken floodgate has brought water and life to eggs that were laid in the 90s around the marsh land. >> when the water hits them, it's just like those big eggs in the alien movies, they go right into action. >> and into a feeding frenzy. though they don't carry the west nile virus, they are aggressive. they attack day and night. >> they can in life stock situations, they can actually reduce the weight and the health of livestock.
5:35 am
>> the county water district is trying to fix the broken floodgate but in the meantime they are trying to control this problem. their best bet is to kill the mosquito eggs through ground poison and aerial spraying. there isn't much they can do about the adult mosquitoes biting right now. >> in three minutes i got six mosquito bites. >> at the community golf course, golfers are miserable. >> she wear like two layers of jackets and mosquitoes still, like went through those. >> i noticed when i was golfing they would attack my face when i was swinging and everything. they are pretty bad. >> the officials say the mosquito population has come down a lot in the past two weeks. still, they are considering fogging in specific locations like the golf course. in palo alto, abc7 news. still ahead, san francisco's most famous set of twins now
5:36 am
financially challenged. facing a situation all too common as we age. and at 5:36, here's a live look showing you the golden gate bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world. fog there might be a hint of the weather ahead. jeff martinez will have your forecast in just a few minutes. and this morning we want to thank more of the people who contributed to the abc7 sleep train foster kids dream campaign. our thanks go out this morning to virginia t. of hayward and tanya of campbell. to like us on facebook go to our abc7 facebook page
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>> welcome back. time right now is 5:39.
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this is a live look from our roof cam. as you see it's showing you the top of the ferry building, the flag blowing there this the wind. thank you for getting up and spending part of your sunday morning with us. jeff martinez is in for lease -- lisa argen with your full accuweather forecast coming up. two of fran's most well-known personalities are dealing with a great challenge, marion and vivian brown are fight to go stay in the city they love even though the healthcare one sister did desperately needs is hard to find and it's very expensive. >> i'm marion. i'm 8 minutes younger than my sister vivian. >> marion and vivian are identical twins. colorful characters here since they arrived from michigan 40 years ago. >> in the city, san francisco, oh, yes, i don't want to move out of here. >> that prospect has worried the
5:40 am
85-year-old sister since vivian developed alzheimer's disease and is now hospitalized. they are searching for an assisted living facility in san francisco but experts say the costs range from $3,500.00 a month to $7,000. the twins made money over the years doing commercials and making appearances, but marion brown said as they have gotten older the jobs have dried up. being a san francisco institution doesn't pay the bills. >> that is no advantage. you can have a reputation, you can have everything, but if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. >> the sisters are a piece of san francisco. >> david is a healthcare consultant who works with the city's department of aging and adult services. he says san francisco is a good place to grow old. >> this city has been incredibly innovative. they are willing to put general fund dollars into programs that many other cities may just not have the money to do. >> but he agrees most assisted
5:41 am
living facilities in the state target either the well think or the poor. the twins feel trapped in the middle. now their dilemma has come to the attention of the jewish services which operates apartments. >> our had emergency assistance program accepts donations from the bay area, which is very generous in providing for? very frail and needy segment of our population. >> marion brown is hoping she and her sister will be able to stay in the city and be together again. it's been very lonesome without her. >> the donations are really pouring in for the brown twins. they are being handled by jewish family and children services. if you would like to donate, we have a link on our website. they do bring a smile to your face. >> they are adorable. bless their hearts. what a good story. good they are back together
5:42 am
again. >> yeah, yeah. jeff martinez is here with a preview of your accuweather forecast. >> we are looking at some fog. you see the bay bridge. foggy conditions to start your day in most areas. emeryville cam in high definition. looking back toward the city you can really see the fog on the horizon. kind of a cloudy start to your sunday, but things will clear out, kind of like yesterday. we will see a little sunshine and temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday, as well. i'll talk about the cooling trend in just a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. also ahead, helping children with life-threatening illnesses. we will take you inside a bay area camp where kids can set aside their fierce and ma3q
5:43 am
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>> welcome back. this is a live look from our roof cam again. this time showing you the france america building, or at least part of it. you see the tip there. there's the fog. what is the rest of the day going to look like? jeff martinez will be along to give you a full accuweather forecast in just a few. you know, a child who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness means the entire family is affected for a very long time and they need a lot of support. there is a place where families can get that support for free in a fun, relaxing environment in the east bay. it's all thanks to the taylor family foundation. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings takes us there ♪ happy birthday to you >> every birthday is important to children, especially if they have a life-threatening illness. here at the camp in livermore they get to sell bracelet with their families and new friends.
5:46 am
this is jack's cam. the taylor family foundation provides this camp for free for children with brain tumors. >> who has a tumor? >> my sister. we tried different things for it. it shrunk and grew and shrunk and grew. >> with my brother. now he has problems with hearing and his brain doesn't work as well but we are happy he survived. >> the first time i think i came to camp i met somebody who had the same brain tumor as me and my brain tumor is pretty rare so that was pretty cool. >> it provides such a crucial level of support for the families who are soavessed out by their children's illness. >> we came to camp after the second surgery. we didn't really know anybody. >> this man runs a support group for the adults where they talk about the child's illness having a ripple effect on the whole family. >> the siblings are making left
5:47 am
with family members or friends while the parents are spending time at the hospital. the financial stress because parents want to be with their child and not be able to be maybe at their jobs, maybe lose their jobs because of it. >> the camp is deeply personal. melissa wasn't even three when he was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors and plus she had a new baby. melissa is my niece. >> i feel it's healing each team you get to tell your story to someone who really understand and doesn't really want the one minute version with the happy ending, they want to know the details. >> this child was diagnosed when he was four. >> it was really difficult to me, the first camp, listening to all the stories and i think i can't do this anymore, i can't come back. but seeing how much fun and joy that aden has when he comes here and the friends he has. i can't deny him that. >> mitch and i work together at
5:48 am
abc7. >> the taylor family foundation was created by barry and elaine taylor. she is related to jack of jack's camp. jack was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age ever 24. sadly, he did not survive. but he won't be forgotten, thanks to the camp that is named of a him. >> i always say, for the love of him these families are together and have the support they never would have had. >> they honor jack's family every time they come and enjoy camp. >> i think it's really great to have everybody here and your family here and it's just great to get away from your house and your tv. this place is a wonderful place for everyone with brain tumors and families just to come here and play and have fun. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. and we invite you to join us tonight for an in-depth look at the incredible work that's being done by the taylor family foundation. and a special report hosted by
5:49 am
cheryl jennings. it's called "just like me" and it's tonight at 6:30 on abc7. i've been out there to do a couple stories myself. it's quite an operation there. >> yeah. some inspirational stories there with the kids. very good. we have foggy conditions in many areas right now. watsonville about a quarter mile visibility being reported. santa rosa half-mile visibility. they have the big air show out there today. hopefully the fog wouldn't hamper operations. i think it's going to burn off throughout the morning hours so that's good news. i think once we get the sun out, that should scrub out some of the fog. good sunday morning to you. looking back to mt. diablo showing the clouds and foggy conditions most areas. that will be the trend throughout the morning hours but at least we don't have any precipitation to talk about. the live doppler 7. of course, yesterday we had a few scattered showers out there and en thunderstorms up in the north bay. all of that has pretty much gone
5:50 am
off to the north and east. we are going to dry out today for the most part. it looks pretty good. no precipitation to talk about. this is ground clutter out near sacramento. things are look pretty good but it will be cooler. if you are heading out in the city especially and along the coast, temperatures right now in the low 50s. we will stay in the upper 50s throughout much of the day along the coast and the peninsula. cool conditions out there. 57 in livermore. again, patchy to dense fog being reported in most areas up around santa rosa and along the coast. so clouds and fog throughout your sunday morning. then by this afternoon some sunshine returns. still look pretty good. cooler today and a cooling trend really continues throughout much of next week. so we will see high necessary the mid-80's inland in most areas further out toward the week. all right. area of low pressure that brought us the precipitation yesterday in some areas very light. it shifted off to the north and east. they saw some good thunderstorms in lake tahoe and along the sierra. all of that will shift to the
5:51 am
east as well. our precipitation chances will diminish really today and throughout much of the week. as our accuweather computer model shows, drying out here as the system pushes to the east, north and east. but the fog kind of sticks around with the marine layer right at about 1,000 feet or so. so today looking for cloudy conditions throughout the morning. temperatures in the 50s. partly sunny 24 afternoon. should warm up in the up he were 70s around noon inland. still cool in the city, around 60. with the breeze off the bay, it always chills things off a little bit. inland about 88 degrees to near 90 some areas. so highs look like this from santa clara, 79. and los gatos 84. upper peninsula we are looking at 70s from san mateo to half moon bay. and pacifica, look out for the foggy conditions throughout much. your morning. 60 in the sunset district and 70 south san francisco.
5:52 am
we are looking at still some warm condition necessary ukiah. and out toward the east bay, 7 a in union city and 74 degrees in newark. looking at near 90 in pittsburgh, 86 livermore for your high temperature. down toward monterey bay, 64 degrees there. 76 in santa clara and your seven-day forecast shows a cooling trend by the middle part of the week. mid-80s inland so that looks pretty good. cooling things down a little bit for america's cup. >> yeah. we are going to be talking about that in a couple seconds. but i agree, it does look good. thank you, jeff. new this morning, old iron side, the navy's oldest commissioned warship, will sail under its own power in boston harbored to forced second time in more than a century. the u.s.s. constitution first sailed in 1797 and earned the nickname old iron side because enemy cannon balls during the
5:53 am
war of 1812 seemed to just bounce off. today it's going to be towed in the harbor's deep water channel where four of its 36 sails will unfurl, hopefully taking the ship for a ten minute cruz. it will be a short trip but rather historic. the last time she sailed on her own was in 1997 to celebrate her 200th birthday. well, some of the world's best sailors tested their skills on san francisco bay as they prepare for this week's america's cup world series. the practices and competition will take place along the san francisco waterfront between crissy field and the presidio and the embarcadero. yesterday's practice rounds attracted people to the marina green. that's where crews set up bleachers and tents so fans can view the races. the actual races start on wednesday. coming up next, open try outs for a chance to sing the national anthem before a game for the bay area's newest professional sports team.
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disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. >> the bay area's newest professional sports franchise held an open tryout yesterday but the scouts weren't looking for new players. ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> adorable. several people sang the
5:57 am
star-spangled banner at pier39 hoping to be one to sing before the bulls hockey game at the cow palace. dan ashley served as one of the judges there. dan is a musician himself. looked like he enjoyed a sunny day at pier39. coming up next at six, two boys rescued from the bay. hear from the hero who risked his own life to save them. and a traveler's worst nightmare. the flight that had to be turn around after flames began shooting out of the engine. rpep
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